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Exercises to Stay Fit

Exercises to Stay Fit

5 Good Exercises to Stay Fit

Fitness & Training – 5 Good Exercises To Stay Fit

The greatest secret of all successful men is their routine to stay fit and healthy. The routine is simple and at the same time elegant enough to fit onto their busy schedules. Some may have personal trainers while others make use of their home gyms. Many social types find the time to visit their favorite workout places on a regular basis or as time permits. The important thing is that they are consistent and find the time to be faithful to their bodies and minds. Yes, it is a proven fact that “a sound mind rests in a sound body.”

We have shortlisted five exercise regimens used by most affluent men irrespective of their ages. At least one of the below-listed exercises is followed by each person. Consistency is the key and if you do them regularly for thirty days, the changes will be remarkable. 

1. Lunges

There are no better physical movements to gain complete balance over your body and subsequently mind. This exercise will pave a smooth path to do other exercises without the hassle by fostering functional movements. The procedure strengthens and shapes your buttocks and legs. 

2. Standard Squat

Following up lunges with squats will do wonders for your walking posture. It aids in uniform weight distribution among the right and left legs. Your back will automatically become upright and the chest high.

3. Push-Ups

There is no other exercise that engages maximum body muscles than a push-up. There are different varieties of push-ups that anybody can do. Depending upon your fitness level, you can begin with five push-ups or even 1 and increase the numbers on a daily basis.

4. Plank

The upper body workouts are classified into a single category called PPHC – Pull, Push, Hold, and Carry. Regular doers of the plank have a strong and toned hip-buttocks area and a very stable rib cage. 

The variations of plank accepted by experienced trainers are:

i. Three-limb Plank (Arm punches and Leg lifts.)

ii. Mermaid Plank (Resting on top of the feet which remain inverted.)

iii. Corkscrew hips. 

5. Glute Bridge

The posterior chain of our bodies is a group of muscles that include:

i. Erector Spinae.

ii. Posterior Deltoids.

iii. Hamstrings.

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iv. Gluteus Maximus.

v. Trapezius.

The glute bridge exercises the whole posterior muscles. This makes your body more strong, toned, and fit.  

How to Begin?

Start immediately is the only answer. Begin your exercise routine by doing a little jogging or ‘running on the spot’ to warm up your body. A treadmill or an indoor track will do as fine as outdoor jogging. It is important to acquire the right attire to make your exercise schedule classy and comfortable.  

It is always suggested to train under an experienced instructor if you have any hesitation about a particular exercise. Some people start under the guidance of a recommended coach and after some times visit him or her occasionally. A good trainer will also give practical advice about the right gear. It was mentioned in the beginning that consistency is the key. Begin and don’t stop. 

Staying fit and healthy give you the stamina to achieve any goal in life. Making it a daily habit with exercises you enjoy, makes your fitness routine an addictive habit to grow your mindset, get better at work and attract the woman of your life.

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