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Cardio Exercises – Get Lean & Burn Fat

Cardio Exercises – Get Lean & Burn Fat

Cardio Time

5 Good Ways to do Cardio

Cardio Exercises is Much More Than Boring Treadmill Routine. You do not require a lot of equipment to partake in cardiovascular exercises. Instead, you can partake in cardio fitness routines at home by working your own body weight in a number of ways. The American Sports Medicine College advises people to engage in one and half to three hours of moderate cardio training per week.

You can perform cardio exercises anywhere, such as in your own home, the pool, a park or any other outdoor space. You can even choose the exercises to suit your individual fitness levels. As your fitness and endurance improves (and it will), you can move to more complex exercises gradually.

What is Cardio?

Cardiovascular exercise gets you moving and your heart pumping. The first things that come to mind when someone mentions “cardio” are cycling, running, or swimming. Yes, these are great exercises for cardio-related fitness, but they’re not the sole exercises. Fortunately, there’s no “one size for all” as people like to indulge in various ways of doing cardio. Any exercise that gets your heart rate up and keeps it up for a prolonged duration is called cardio. Your respiratory system works harder as you breathe faster and deeper. Your blood vessels expand to let more oxygen into your muscles as your body releases endorphins, natural painkillers.

The benefits of cardio are seemingly limitless. Your weight is maintained over time if you consistently indulge in it. You can prevent potential heart disease as well. Additionally, it elevates your mood and increases your level of happiness – endorphins are also called “happy” hormones. Medical experts believe that you can extend your lifespan by doing cardio exercises on a daily basis. Here are five of the best to get you going.

Skipping Rope

Chances are, you haven’t held a skipping rope since the second grade. Its time you started. Jumping rope can be a great form of cardiovascular exercise you can do anywhere. All you have to do is play your favorite playlist and skip to the beat. When you go off on vacation, toss your rope in a backpack and you can squeeze in that 150 minutes a week anywhere!


People find that doing regular cardio is boring. How much can an individual run for miles or swim laps, and enjoy it? If you need a refreshing change, you can join a ballroom dance class or just dance at home. Whether you have two left feet or not, moving to the beat of music gets your heart racing. You can join an aerobic or Zumba class, but if you are fed up with instruction, go it on your own.

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Power Walking

Power walking is a better form of cardio exercise than simply strolling along a garden path. Power walking merely means walking at a super fast pace, and breaking in to a run gradually.


A great form of cardiovascular exercise and a unique way to bust your stress level is kickboxing or regular boxing. You may not be Rocky Balboa, but hitting a boxing pad is a great way to lose those calories. Half an hour of boxing a day can help you burn 400 calories.

Trampoline (ing)

Putting a trampoline in your basement or preferably, backyard, is a super way to burn the fat. Jumping is fun, and you can do it to music too. If you have a compact backyard, you can get a small-sized trampoline. This method of cardio is fast gaining recognition as the go-to way to get your heart (body, and soul) in motion.

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