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Gain Weight

Gain Weight

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5 Healthy Ways To Gain Weight

You can classify the majority of people as being overweight or underweight. Rarely do people manage to achieve the perfect weight. While obesity has attracted a lot of discussion life is equally difficult for underweight people. Being underweight makes you look sick and invites unwanted queries about your health.

Gaining weight through the consumption of junk food is easy but that will destroy your health and leave you vulnerable to illness like diabetes, hypertension, etc. Continue reading to know about some healthy ways to gain weight.


You should change the quantity and quality of your food if you want to gain weight. In simple terms, you need to consume more calories than you use. The excess calories translate into weight gain. You should eat more often. Avoid drinking water before meals as this may kill your appetite. If you find it difficult to eat large meals, eat smaller meals at regular intervals. Increase snacking between meals. Snacking on cereal bars will improve your calorie count.

Include calorie-dense foods like nuts, nut butter, red meat, oily fish, and rice. When you are thirsty drink milk or homemade smoothies. Tubers like potatoes, yams, and other starchy foods will increase your calorie intake. Top up your meals with calorie-heavy extras like cheese and scrambled eggs. Use healthy fats for cooking your meals.


Sleep is the time when our body goes into rest and repair mode. Lack of good quality sleep can obstruct this process. Focus on getting proper sleep so that your body gets time to build muscle mass and digest the extra food intake.


Exercise gives you the dual benefits of an increase in appetite and improvements in muscle mass. Choose your exercises carefully. Limit aerobic and cardio exercises. They will burn fat and tone your muscles. Strength training can help you to build your muscles. Join a gym where you will be able to do muscle-building exercises using proper equipment. A professional will be able to guide you about the correct exercises to improve body mass.


Consuming protein supplements to gain weight is common among athletes and bodybuilders. There are many types of supplements available in the market. Protein supplements include egg, pea, whey, and soy protein. Protein powder can be used to make a protein smoothie. Whey supplements can be added to dishes or made into shakes.

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Creatine supplements can enhance muscle gain and help you to exercise better. There are high-calorie supplements that allow you to gain weight quickly. These supplements contain high levels of carbohydrates and proteins and are consumed as shakes. Apart from all these, there are supplements that improve your exercise capacity allowing you to build muscle mass.

It is important to consult a dietitian or medical professional who will recommend the right supplement suited to your body.

5.Maintain Consistency in your efforts

Last but not least maintain consistency in your weight gain efforts. Whether you are making changes to your diet or following an exercise routine you have to persist with it. It cannot be a one time effort.

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