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Andrei Deiu

Andrei Deiu

Andrei Deiu - FitnessKing - Physique of The Day

FitnessLife Kings – Physique of the Day

Andrei Deiu is a 7th place Mr. Olympia, a professional fitness model, IFBB Men’s Physique athlete, the founder of the athletic clothing brand STRUTT and has the Personal Trainer business 3D Gains.

As a global recognised fitness athlete with almost 6 million fans, it’s no secret that Andrei Deiu is popular and attracts many sponsorship deals and international modelling jobs from winning competitions and achieving high placements in the worlds most acknowledged and toughest men’s physique challenges.

“Fitter. Faster. Stronger.” – Andrei Deiu

From being Bullied, To Top Fitness Athlete

Though Andrei has a physique that seems out of reach for most people, he’s probably one of the best coaches and online fitness trainers to either follow, or better, join his digital transformations programs.

Not only will you get qualified workout programs, motivation and guidance for proper nutrition, you’ll get help from a person who was bullied from his own weight increase in younger years and low self confidence before he used the same reasons of being bullied, to use the gym as a turnaround for becoming one of the most famous bodybuilders in the world with an extraordinary physique.

Andrei Deiu – Physique of the Day Award

The inspiring journey of Andrei’s transformation from being bullied to an international fitness icon and social media star, with his Instagram wall that shows how anyone with determination can change their life, physique and even make a successful living out of it, brings Andrei another well deserved victory of achievement, and the title of todays FitnessKing, with the award of “Physique of The Day” July 28th, 2022.

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