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Back Workouts

Back Workouts

3. Dead Lift

3 Of The Most Effective Back Workouts

Fitness workouts target each part of the body. Be it abs, chest, stomach, shoulder or hamstrings, striving to make each muscle pump up is the ultimate goal of every workout. When there are different body goals, then fitness workouts also vary accordingly. Weights, cardio, muscle or strength training, fitness should imply a holistic approach.

Why Back Exercises Matter

While exercising majority of people focus on building muscles, abs and reducing excess weight. Most people tend to focus on how their front looks. There are many parts of the body that don’t get the attention they deserve. The most vital part of our human structure, our back easily gets ignored. So much so, that back exercises are quite underrated in a fitness regimen.

Upper and mid back muscles help in stabilizing the body on the ground and provide strength to the shoulders. Most of our daily tasks, especially those which involve muscle power are dependent on a strong back structure. That is why; ignoring the back exercise is not as wise as you think.

Best Back Workouts to Try

Back exercises strengthen the spine, improve body posture and make you look healthy and fit. A toned back makes the shoulders, biceps, triceps and hands balance the overall physical appearance. A toned back also balances the overall muscle mass across the upper torso.

Making it simple for you, listed here are top 3 best and effective back workouts to bring the focus back on your back:

1. Chest Supported Row

Chest supported row not just builds the back strength but also pumps up the biceps. In this exercise, your chest will be supported by bench as you will stay inclined on it at 45 degrees. Now grab the dumb-bells and fix the feet firmly in the position and move the dumb-bells towards ribcage and repeat the sets.

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2. Weighted Pull Up

Tie a weight belt around the waist and bow down half with weights in your both hands. Easily go down and come straight back up in the standing position. These pull up are the great way to shape up the back and shoulder.

3. Dead Lift

Dead lifts are perfect to make your muscles at the back pump and move. Choose any type of dead lift, whether snatch-grip dead lift or trap bar dead lift, pull weights up to shoulder, lock out and go down back to the position. Repeat the steps.

Sometimes we are over-focused on building the most sought-after V-shape that we forget to build the back muscles. Additionally, many physical injuries occur during exercising, wherein, people suffer due to weak backs, which makes them bed-ridden for longer. A strong back also prevents any injuries and aid in building the core strength too. Try out plain back workout moves such as low plank, high plank, bridge, superman, quadruped limb raises or the evergreen pushups and pull ups. Keep your back in full form and if you are required to change your fitness regimen, never ignore your back again.

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