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Burn Fat

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Weight Control & Fat Loss – 5 Healthy Ways To Burn Fat

Most of us have struggled with weight issues at some point in time. Excess fat makes us look older and gives rise to health issues. There are plenty of supplements that promise quick weight loss. They may have unhealthy side effects. We give you some healthy ways to lose weight. The key is to continue your efforts consistently.

1. Exercising.

Strength training increases muscle mass and contributes to fat loss. Strength training reduces the fat surrounding our organs in the belly. This training combined with cardio and aerobic workouts gives the best results in fat reduction. You can use gym equipment for better results during strength training. Strength training keeps your metabolism high for hours after you complete your workout.

2. Sleep.

There is a direct relationship between sleep and weight. People who sleep for five hours or less per night are found to gain weight. Lack of proper sleep has an adverse impact on hunger hormones and increases appetite. Getting sound sleep of seven hours or more per night contributed significantly to weight loss.

Get healthy sleep by following a fixed sleep schedule daily and reducing your caffeine consumption. Switch off your electronic devices a couple of hours before you go to bed.

3. Food.

Your diet will play a major role in fat reduction. An unhealthy diet can negate the benefits of physical exercise. Consume healthy fats like omega 3’s and 6’s, polyunsaturated fats, and monounsaturated fats. Foods such as avocado, eggs, fish, olive oil, and nuts contain healthy fats. This fat is good for your heart and your body will remain fit. Eat probiotics that improve gut health. A healthy gut will reduce belly fat.

Likewise, consuming more fiber will help promote your gut health and reduce your hunger pangs. Reduce consumption of refined carbohydrates and processed food. Avoid foods high in sugar like cakes, pastries, etc. Read the labels on the back of food packets to know the calories they bring to your table. Your body processes this type of food quickly and you will feel hungry more often. This leads to more consumption of food and increased weight. Consume more fresh fruits and vegetables.

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4. Drinks

Keep an eye on your drinks. Alcohol contributes to your calorie intake. Similarly, soft drinks, flavored drinks, and energy drinks send empty calories to your body. And as we know excess calories get deposited as fat in our body. Consuming these drinks once in a while won’t hurt but avoid them as far as possible.

Drinking coffee can be healthy for weight loss. Plain coffee without milk or sugar contains zero calories. The caffeine in coffee increases your metabolism and aids your exercise schedule. This helps to burn more calories. Add milk and sugar to coffee and its benefits are over. Drinking water before meals can limit your food intake.

5. Intermittent Fasting.

In simple terms, this means restricting your consumption of food to a certain period during the day. You eat only during an eight-hour or ten-hour window. This fasting increases your metabolism and reduces calorie intake.

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