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Underhand Chin Ups

Underhand Chin Ups

Chin Ups

Biceps Workout: The History, Benefits & How To Of Chin Ups.

Well, who doesn’t love a mighty pair of biceps? 

I’m pretty sure that any gym fanatic would love to beef up those arm muscles. And though you might turn to the popular dumbbell curl, let’s be honest, it’s chin ups that add size to your arms.

A form of pull up, chin ups involve the strengthening of the upper arms, specifically the latissimus dorsi and biceps.

The History of Chin Ups

Initially, chin ups included the “palms away” (also known as the overhand grip) method and the “palms towards” (also known as the underhand grip) method. As the term suggests, chin up means to bring your chin up by lifting your body weight towards the chin up bar or any other hand grip. 

Though the term chin up is interchangeably used with pull ups there is a slight yet monumental difference between the two forms of exercises. Bringing the chin above the hand grip is easily achieved by positioning your hands in an underhand grip. Hence, the term chin up has become synonym to this certain type of grip.

The Benefits of Chin Ups Workouts

A challenging yet extremely beneficial workout, chin ups should totally be a part of your fitness regime. 

First things first, chin ups are highly beneficial for enhancing the definition and strength of your upper arms. The main muscles targeted are the biceps, forearms, latissimus dorsi and rhomboids. 

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Chin ups also strengthen your grip as you hold on to the bar. This strength can be useful when you’re doing different strength trainings like dead lift. It is even beneficial in your day-to-day life, for instance, breezily opening up that jar which everyone has been trying to open for so long. 

Do Chin Ups the Right Way

Well, all it takes is you and a bar (a pull up bar)!

  1. Place a bench under the bar and grab the bar with both your hands placed approximately shoulder-width apart. Make sure you grab the bar in an underhand grip (the palms towards position).
  2. Keeping the spine long, hang from the bar and try lifting your chest. It is to be noted that you will have to engage your latissimus dorsi, rhomboids and the core to ensure that you do not sway. 
  3. Squeeze your shoulder blades together and try bringing your elbows towards your hip. You will have attained your desirable position once your chin is above the bar and your chest touches it.
  4. Stay in this position for a couple of seconds to start with, gradually increasing the time, before lowering your body to the start position. DO NOT drop back suddenly as it may cause serious injuries. 

Chin ups are some of the very few exercises that focus on the upper body and if you want to strengthen it you should add chin ups to your workout regime. Remember, nothing can be achieved in a single day – be persistent and you’ll be thrilled when you see the results of your hard work.  

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