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Crossfit – Box Jumps

Crossfit – Box Jumps

Crossfit MMA Workout Tires

Build Explosive Strength With Box Jumps.

Stand in front of the box with your feet shoulder-width apart. Bend into a quarter squat and swing your arms back, then swing them forward and explode up off the ground. Land on the box as softly as possible. You’re aiming to mimic your take off position on landing If you land in a deep squat rather than a quarter squat. Prior to starting this workout, each athlete will need to create a long straight line on the floor and place their box on the center of that line. This workout begins with the dumbbell resting on the floor and the athlete standing tall.

Crossfit Workout – Box Jumps

When working out, finding a way to keep things dynamic is key. Aside from keeping you working towards your fitness goals, dynamic exercising can help you work your muscles better. For instance, if you love your box jumps and perform the same with tires, it’s time to add some spice to it to activate any unused muscle. There are some cool ways to achieve this, as mentioned below. 

1. Starting with jumping jacks

A simple way to add some variety to your box jumps is by starting the exercise with a jumping jack. Following the jumping jack, jump on the tire as you normally do. This work workout becomes fun when you do it with your gym partner. 

2. Burpee and step-up

If you love your burpees, this variety is for you. Stand sideways to the tire, and perform a quick burpee. Follow the burpee with a side step and an ab crunch. Alternate with your partner and switch sides to work both sides of your abs effectively. 

3. Flip and jump

Flipping tires is a great way to work your deadlift muscles. When combined with your regular box jump with tires routine, you get an exercise that works almost all your muscles. To do this workout, flip the tire once and jump as you usually do. Repeat this until you reach a predetermined length of the room. 

4. Use two tires

This exercise allows you to get creative and have fun while working out. Place two tires side by side and jump from one to another. You can do this in any number of ways you can think of. A great combination would be lateral jump and box jump. 

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5. Pop squats

Pop squats bring in a tiny variation to your usual box jump with tires—this time you will be jumping while standing inside the tire. Stand in the middle of the tire in a low squat. Then, jump on the tire to land standing. Alternate this with regular box jumps. 

6. Single leg box jumps

Like to challenge yourself? Box jump with one leg. Do this variation only if you have the appropriate fitness level to avoid any injuries. Start by standing on a leg. Then, explode and jump onto the tire, landing on a single leg. To complete the cycle, you can either step down or jump down, depending on where you are on your fitness journey. 

7. Tire push-up with jumps

If you want to work your core further while having fun with your tire cardio workout, combining push-ups with your tire box jumps is the way to go. Start with a regular box jump. After you jump down, come into the push-up position, feet placed on the tire, lower yourself, and press-up.

Box Jump Routine with Jaret Campisi

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