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Energy Drinks Explained

Energy Drinks Explained

Nutrition: Energy Drinks Explained & How It affects your body & fitness

HowEnergy Drinks Affects Your Body, Health & Fitness

Energy drinks have become a common beverage, especially after a fitness routine. After a gruelling session in the gym or a long run, an energy drink can make you feel fresh. Most importantly, it can help you get an energy boost that will charge you up throughout the day. The key selling point of energy drinks is that they increase levels of alertness and make you feel energetic so you can focus on your work.

Energy Drinks: What’s The Ingredients?

Each energy drink lists out its own unique set of ingredients. While the ingredients that vary add flavor to the drink, the core ingredient is the same. It is Caffeine! The main ingredient in energy drinks that keeps you awake and helps you concentrate is caffeine. The amount of caffeine used varies from one brand to another. For example, a 250 ml can of Red Bull has 80 mg caffeine, while a 57 ml can of 5hour energy has 200 mg caffeine.

Other common ingredients in energy drinks include:

  • Sugar that is used to provide calories. There are many drinks that are free from sugar.
  • Vitamin B: These vitamins help convert the food you consume into energy for the body.
  • Herbal products: Some products use herbal ingredients like ginseng and guarana to complement the effects of caffeine.

Energy Drinks: Pros and Cons

Energy drinks have many benefits, they include:

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  • Energy drinks have caffeine that help you be alert. This happens thanks to improved brain function. It helps in improving concentration, memory power, and also reaction time. Mental fatigue can be reduced by consuming energy drinks.
  • It helps you when you are tired giving you a boost-up.
  • If you need to stay up late for whatever reason, an energy drink can help you ward off sleep.

There are Many Cons Consuming Energy Drinks:

  • Excess consumption of energy drinks has led to many cases of hospitalization.
  • Studies have shown that consuming energy drinks can increase risk-taking behaviors.
  • A major problem with energy drinks is that they affect sleep. It can lead to serious sleep problems.
  • Some energy drinks have a high sugar content. This can lead to the risk of elevated blood sugar levels.
  • There are studies that have shown increased blood pressure and heart problems due to consumption of energy drinks. 
  • Some young people mix energy drinks with alcohol. This can be extremely dangerous and can cause heart palpitations.

We can conclude that energy drinks are helpful in boosting energy and are useful. It is important to consume them in moderation and use them sparingly. Children and teenagers must avoid energy drinks and use them sparingly. An occasional drink is acceptable but not daily consumption.

The Benefits of Energy Drinks…Are There Any? Effects of Energy Drinks – Dr.Berg

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