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Essential Crossfit Gear

Essential Crossfit Gear

Checklist – Essential Gear For Your Crossfit Exercises

CrossFit is a competitive fitness sport that is also a physical exercise philosophy. Its training includes the below elements besides a few other exercises:

i. Powerlifting.

ii. Strongman.

iii. High-intensity interval training.  

iv. Calisthenics.

v. Gymnastics.

vi. Plyometric.

vii. Olympic weightlifting. 

 You will learn a lot more about CrossFit as you make it a part of your daily workout. It combines aerobics, calisthenics, and Olympic weightlifting to achieve strength and conditioning.  

Fitness enthusiasts who are thinking of taking up the CrossFit regimen always wonder whether a change of attire is required when moving on from an event to another. The basic reason is the variety of items included in the procedure. 

Why Special Gear for CrossFit?

Most of the sportswear known to us has evolved along with the particular sport. Due to the variety of items involves, CrossFit is an entirely new concept. It needs different gear for performing better. 

We visited CrossFit gyms across the country and got first-hand information from practitioners and trainers alike. The enabled us to compile the below list.

1. Wrist Wraps

A wrist wrap may be an essential item for many physical activities. It is especially true for CrossFit gear due to its sheer nature. 

2. Shoes 

As you are aware, running and weightlifting require different shoes. Hybrid shoes solve the dilemma. They are suitable for a variety of activities like rowing, rope climbing, etc. They boast solid soles with reinforced points for excellent foot support.  

3. Knee Sleeves

Much similar to wrist wraps that provide support for the arms, knee wraps support squats of high volume without causing pain. 

4. Speed Rope

Using a good quality rope for your home as well as gym needs is a matter of comfort and convenience. 

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5. Athletic Tape

This is a great accessory for CrossFit practitioners to avoid tearing of the palms. As you get used to the regimen and develop calluses, this can be done away with. 

6. Grips

A gymnastic grip with a minimalist design is required for the CrossFit programs. Your choice of grip should not hinder wrist movements. 

7. Foam Roller

When you get a quality foam roller, you are carrying your physiotherapist along. All experienced trainers suggest foam rolling for releasing myofascial, recovery after workouts, and mobility.  

8. Lower Wear

CrossFit enthusiasts wear shorts made of certain technical fibers that are shorter than the usual board wears. This allows greater mobility and flexibility. There are two types of clothing for the winter and summer seasons. The shorts for summer come with great breathability. In winter, you may choose to wear compression leggings. 

9. Weight Belt

There are special belts designed to ease your efforts during the deadlift, snatch, or squat. A good weight belt keeps your core tight during the sessions. 

10. Upper Wear

CrossFit needs special upper wear too as in the case of lower wear. Rather than normal t-shirts, you should use clothing made from technical fibers.  

Using good quality CrossFit gear will carry your performance to the next level. They are also high-value investments by way of the long-term benefits to your body. 

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