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Essential Cycling Gear

Essential Cycling Gear

Checklist – Essential Cycling Gear For Cycling Exercises

Cycling exercises are an excellent way to improve one’s overall fitness level. Cycling offers many health benefits, including improved cardiovascular health, increased metabolic activity, greater muscle mass and strength, and reduced anxiety. For the ultimate cycling exercise, it is essential to make right choice of cycling gear and accessories.

Basic Equipment 

The most important decision to make when it comes to cycling is identifying the right type of bicycle. As the focal piece of equipment, the bicycle needs to reflect the terrain where it will be used, the type of cycling exercises, and the proficiency level of the user.

Mountain bikes are perfect for off-road trails and rough terrains. Road bikes are fast on smooth roads and are a good choice for road racing. Hybrid and ‘cross bikes are suitable for mixed terrains and diverse cycling activities. Apart from these three major categories of bicycles, there are also triathlon bikes, touring bikes, adventure road bikes, and fitness bikes.

Protective Gear 

Safety comes first, and so the helmet is the most important piece of protective gear for any cyclist. According to data from the Bicycle Helmet Safety Institute, wearing a high-quality helmet can save life, reducing the chance of a head injury by 50%.

There is a wide range of modern, high-quality, lightweight and well-ventilated helmets to choose from. Some popular choices include BMX, aero road and mountain helmets. Many modern types of helmets have embedded MIPS (Multi-directional Impact Protection System) technology which can significantly decrease the rotational impact and brain damage in case of an accident. When selecting a helmet, proper attention should also be given to a good fit and comfort.

Apart from the helmet, other protective accessories that are necessary for a complete cycling experience are sunglasses, gloves, and elbow and knee pads.

Sunglasses provide a long list of benefits. They prevent the eyes from getting dried-out and irritated from dust, insects and other particles. High-quality sunglasses also come with interchangeable lenses, suitable for a wide range of weather conditions.

Good cycling gloves are thin, breathable, and provide good grip and control. Most importantly, they protect the hands in the case of a fall.

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Elbows and knees are extremely vulnerable, and can be seriously injured in a case of a fall. Wearing elbow pads and knee pads during cycling gives an extra boost of confidence, and allows a worry-free sport activity.

Bike-Repair Tools 

Some bike-repair tools are essential to carry along, in case any minor problem occurs on the road. Among them are the pump, spare tube, and tire levers. It is best to go for high-quality, compact and light ones.

Comfort Clothing and Refreshment

Selecting appropriate and comfortable cycling clothing is very important. Padded cycling shorts, bib shorts or tights, a breathable cycling shirt and a waterproof jacket are an absolute must. More enthusiastic bikers also opt for clipless shoes and pedals, which can significantly improve the foot comfort, placement and stability.

Finally, it is important to always remain hydrated. Healthy energy drinks should always be carried while engaging in cycling exercises.

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