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Essential Soccer Gear

Essential Soccer Gear

Football player practice dribbling on field

Checklist – Essential Gear for Soccer Practice

On-field success, at least in the game of soccer, is all about how much practice and training goes in beforehand. Soccer players need to train the right way to ensure success in a game later. To train in the right manner, soccer players need the right soccer gear for training. From pinnies to balls, and goals to rebounders, you won’t find any shortage of soccer gear that you can own. Additionally, you get such a varied choice of the best equipment today, you may find it a tad confusing to decide what you require for soccer practice. Most soccer equipment is essential for coaches and players alike, and companies make excellent quality products that are sure to improve your game. Besides soccer balls, moisture-free soccer shirts and easy-dry fit shorts, here’s a handy list to help you make your gear choices.

Soccer Cones

Disc cones are ideal for players and coaches. Mini cones take up less space on a pitch and offer visibility while dribbling the ball. They are lightweight and portable too. If you want the right obstacles to practice your dribbling, these allow tighter touches and are soccer gear must-haves.


In any soccer player’s soccer gear arsenal, there has to be equipment to ensure you can score goals. That’s the crux of soccer as a game. Created for shot training, the openings of the goalshot trainer are corners, top and bottom as it stands against the goal net. Whether you are thinking of enhancing your shooting ability, or competitive training, this lets you focus on where you need to aim and shoot.


Rebounders are a terrific way to let players train on their own. This is a goalpost with a net that makes the ball shoot back to the player. As a result, a soccer player can work on passing, control of the ball and more. The rebounder is firm, but the netting should be very strong. It can be structured to configure in many ways, according to soccer practice needs.

Agility Ladders

Agility ladders are used to improve the swiftness of foot movement, and useful for individual training. Portable and used as much by players to warm up, as for soccer gear while training, ladders are super for quick foot work practice.

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Training Apparel

Soccer practice undoubtedly needs the appropriate apparel, from pinnies (bibs) to track pants and shorts. Material needs to be tough, as this is a rough and tumble game. Clothes should be made so sweat and moisture can be wicked away. Furthermore, fabric should be lightweight, yet strong enough to take wear and tear. Cool and comfortable training pants are better than shorts in winter.

Turf Cleats

Soccer practice will likely be done on a practice turf, so you need the right shoes for this. Turf cleats are a great investment, and you get the best from New Balance, Under Armour, Nike and Adidas. You also get cleats for the field, but it’s a good idea to buy turf shoes for a synthetic turf rather than those for actual soccer grounds. As soccer gear goes, this is the most essential thing for a player to have in their bag, and appropriate for the surface trained on.

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