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Get Lean

Get Lean - Healthy Man With Six Pack

5 Healthy & Powerful Ways To Get Lean

For some people, it is more important to become leaner than to lose weight. While people want to shed their fat, they also wish to have lean muscle. It is an era when most people want to be in good shape and healthy. They also want to be active physically.

It is unfortunate that the stresses of daily lives and the agonies of being overweight or obese are so common these days. An unhealthy lifestyle does not make becoming fit and lean an easy process. Several people are known to give up even before they can go very far. Check out these 5 healthy and powerful ways to become lean:

1. Opt For a Complex Fat-Shredding Process

Many experts suggest adhering to the following guidelines to develop their fat-shredding process:

·        Do exercises as fast as possible and maintain correct technique while performing them

·       Engage in compound exercises

·       Avoid resting in between exercises

·       You can begin with an empty bar. Thereafter, keep on adding weights in the range of 5 to 10 pounds

·       Rest for one to three minutes between your sets. However, restrain from doing more than 4 sets. You should not exceed the total duration of 15 minutes

·       Engage in 5 to 7 exercises for every complex and each set should include 5 to 8 repetitions.

It is widely believed that complexes are beneficial as they are done with weights at essential intervals. That stimulates the metabolism post your workout better as compared to slow and long cardio. Plus, studies have demonstrated that intense intervals can boost anabolic hormone response after the workout.

2. Do 20 Minutes of Biking on Stationary Bike Regularly 

You can also become leaner and fitter by regularly cycling for 20 minutes on a stationary bike. However, make sure to do a warm-up ride for 4 minutes on low resistance for maximum benefits.

3. Timing of protein consumption

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Timing matters a lot. Consuming protein can help in building lean body mass. If you consume a diet rich in protein early evening, it can lead to a higher stimulation of protein synthesis. There is also an additional advantage of decreased appetite so that wasted calories are not consumed through snacking before sleeping.

4. Concentrate on Muscle Gain Instead of Weight Loss

When you become lean the correct way, it ensures that you can gain muscles while also reducing body fat. However, it is not the right time to limit the necessary nutrients required to support essential bodily functions. It is a tough task to build muscle and needs great sports nutrition. Incidentally, muscles are a metabolically active tissue needing all the macronutrients, particularly protein.

If you are more focused on the intake of healthy food, it becomes a powerful tool for achieving your goals. The key goal is to become muscular and lean, which is not possible without essential nutrition.

5. Cardio & Resistance Training 

It is vital to apply a progressive workout program to reach your goals of becoming leaner. According to experts, resistance training has a crucial role to play in any adult fitness program. The training should be adequately challenging for improving muscular endurance and strength and also enhancing muscle size.

On the other hand, it is also important to incorporate cardio for promoting heart health and leaning out particularly when some initial weight has to be lost. When you combine both forms of exercise, there is an improved likelihood of success for getting leaner.

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