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Lose Weight

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Weight Control & Weight Loss – 5 Healthy Ways To Lose Weight

The first thing that comes to ordinary people’s minds when thinking about weight loss is dieting. Somehow people associate dieting with fasting or skipping meals. That is a very dangerous and unhealthy notion. 

Nutritionists create a healthy dieting regimen based on the basic purpose of dieting. Three basic needs require dieting:

i. Increase body weight.

ii. Reduce body weight.

iii. Maintain body weight. 

iv. Treatment or prevention of lifestyle diseases.

All these are achieved by eating and not fasting or skipping your regular meals. 

1. The Most Important Aspect of Weight Loss: Breakfast

Did you know skipping breakfast increases weight? The harmful practice also invites diseases. 

Having a balanced and healthy breakfast is the foremost thing to do whether you want to lose, gain, or maintain weight. Your trainer or nutritionist will give proper guidance about a fine breakfast that shall be the stepping stone in your weight loss journey. 

2. The Right Physical Activities to Lose Weight

Proper exercises include dancing, hiking, gardening, running, swimming, etc besides the usual workout programs. The important thing is that it should become a part of your daily routine and you should enjoy doing it. Aerobics and Zumba are highly enjoyable activities that will do wonders for your fitness level. 

3. Quality Sleep

It is very important to get a good night’s sleep not only to maintain a fit body but also to have a great day ahead. Proper physical activities combined with a healthy diet will put you in a great slumber every day. Make it a habit to maintain proper waking and sleeping hours. 

4. Identify the Practices that Steered Weight Gain

Physicians have identified a few habits that lead to weight gain. Most of them are related to the way we eat. If you are in the habit of the below, please avoid them:

i. Eating as a way to respond to your emotions.

ii. Eating when distracted by things like TV.

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iii. Habitual snacking. 

iv. Frequent social eating.

5. Substitute Sugary Drinks

By now most of us aware that sugar is bad for our bodies. Liquefied sugar is worse. The main reason for obesity in kids is sweetened beverages. This applies to fruit juices with added sugar.  

Summing Up

Healthy food habits play a major role in weight loss. It is important to have a healthy breakfast. Proper physical activities ensure a well-maintained body. A good nutritionist and a trainer will give the best and practical pieces of advice.  

How much time does it take to lose weight?

A kilogram of body fat can be roughly converted into 3400 calories. If you can reduce your calorie intake by about 500 per day, the proportionate loss of weight would be about a half kilo per week. That will be two kilograms per month through a balanced diet. For those of you trying to maintain weight, you need to get rid of about 100 calories a day.  

Once you have started on a healthy food habit as all successful men do, we can begin a smooth exercise regimen. 

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