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How to Meal Prep, The Beginner’s Guide to Better Meals

How to Meal Prep, The Beginner’s Guide to Better Meals

Meal Prep - Ideas for Healthy Meal prep

Beginner’s Guide & Ideas For Meal Prep.

Burning fat and gaining muscle require effort and time and starts with meal prep. The most commonly heard complaint is that despite of working out for hours, there is barely a noticeable change in one’s physique. The main factor responsible for this is the diet and when one gets the knowledge about proper diet, preparation of meal becomes a challenge. The difference between an experienced and an inexperienced one is the knowledge about meal preparation. 

The Qualities of a Good Meal:

You can’t grow a healthy body with any meal. It has to full fill certain criteria. The major thing to be careful about is that your meal shouldn’t contain refined items because refined food doesn’t contain the nutrients that it suppose to have. The reason is that while processing a food its nutritional value is lost.

Here is what to look for when choosing your meal:

  • It must be organic 
  • It must be fresh
  • It should contain a variety of items to that you can get the required nutrients.
  • It must be low in fat
  • It must contain as few carbohydrates as possible.
  • It must not contain sugar or artificial flavoring agents.
  • It must be properly cooked 

Making the Schedule:

There are two ways of preparing a meal. You can either cook the food daily for which you will need spare time, other is to cook in bulk so that you can freeze the food to use later. You can use the latter approach if you can’t spare time for preparing a meal. For either approach, you need to build a schedule, which is feasible for you.

Ideal methods for meal preparation:

Always opt for the food that you like and is easy to cook. It must contain various items from meat to fruits.

The following steps can be followed for meal preparation:

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  • Wash the vegetables/meat
  • Cut vegetables or meat into small pieces so that these can be cooked easily 
  • Boil vegetables 
  • Boil meat, then fry it with as little oil as possible for a few minutes. Use olive oil.
  • You can also grill meat. This will be more nutritious.
  • Add spices for good taste. 
  • After cooking, mix vegetables and meat. 

These are the basic steps for any meal preparation. You can deep fry or cook for hours because it will destroy the nutrients in the food.

How to save time:

The challenge in preparing a meal is that it is time-consuming and hectic. There are the following ways to save time:

  • Make a list of grocery items so that you don’t have to go to grocery stores again and again.
  • Buy food for a whole week.
  • Buy good containers for freezing food.
  • Prepare food in bulk so that you don’t have to cook again for a whole week.
  • Store food in the freezer properly for later use.
  • Buy simple cooking items that take little time in preparation.
  • Make a schedule and follow it.

Precautions regarding meals:

  • Don’t overcook.
  • Don’t reheat frozen food more than once.
  • Use fresh food items only.
Beginners Guide To Meal Prep | Step By Step Guide with Remington James

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