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Know Your Somatotype and Get a Better Physique Faster

Know Your Somatotype and Get a Better Physique Faster

Your Somatotype Explained - FitnessLife Kings magazine

The 3 Body Types Explained To Better Understand Your Somatotype

Missing out of the simple secrets held by knowing your somatotype, consequently ends up having many active people who find it more difficult to reduce their body fat percentage and as a result are working out more with less effective results. Therefore many also find their body weight increasing with just the slightest change in diet, or even ending up quitting their routine exercises.

This probably makes you wonder what type of exercise routines laced with a diet schedule will help you lose weight the most. Or would it have something to do with the type of body you were been born with? Here’s how knowing your somatotype can help you to eat, work out and get the physique and wellness you’re looking for.

The Somatotype Discovery

The exercise of finding the body type of every individual was conceptualized by Dr. William Herbert Sheldon, Ph.D., M.D, back in the early 1940s. He created three different categories of human physique differing from the physical elements present in a human body referred to as Somatotypes.

Somatotype definitions helps explain the body type of a person depending on his physical structure. He found that people are inborn with typical body composition and skeletal frames. This unique combination of body and skeletal frame of the human physique was generalized as three body types of the human body. The three body types were identified as Ectomorph, Mesomorph and Endomorph briefly explained below.


Ectomorphs are categorized as longer and leaner people with mere body fat and smaller muscle volume. The body type of an ectomorph has difficulty in gaining weight and struggle to gain muscle mass. The narrow-chested thin frame of an ectomorph is desired by many people while not revered by some others who are looking to achieve quite the opposite type of body.

Physical Characteristics: The body type of an ectomorph will have difficulty in gaining muscles despite exercises. A bony structured person with a slender body frame having narrow shoulders, chest, hips and abdomen aided with a very fast metabolism which negates his chances of gaining weight. Introvert, thoughtful and sensitive personality. 


Mesomorphs are categorized as strong and athletically build people who can eat almost any amount of food without worrying about becoming overweight. This body type has the unique tendency of gaining or losing body weight with negligible effort.

Physical Characteristics: Mesomorphs are categorized as medium-built people with hard and strong bodies. Body shapes of mesomorph are strong but fairly lean structured people with broad shoulders with good arms and legs who can gain muscles easily. They are dynamic personalities with an assertive nature.


People with the Endomorph bodytype are categorized as more heavy and rounded people who tend to gain weight easily. They are not necessarily overweight people but classified as a person embodied with plenty of fats and muscles.

Physical Characteristics: Endomorphs are categorized as short-statured people in height. The Endomorph body types are usually people with round bodies and bulky physiques who generally find it difficult to lose their body fats. Extroverts lead a relaxed and comfortable lifestyle.

The body types of a human can also be a combination of the three categories such as:


They are categorized as pear-shaped people having thin, delicate upper bodies with the lower bodies embodied with heavy hips and thighs. 


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They are categorized as apple-shaped people with a very heavy upper body with a heavy mid-section bearing down to a thin lower body.

It was also noted that no single person can be categorized as belonging to a particular somatotype but falling into the mix of all three body frames at a given time.

Understanding Your Body Type / Somatotype

Find your Somatotype - Ectomorph, Mesomorph and Endomorph explained
<sup><sub>Somatotype three men standing representing Ectomorph Mesomorph and Endomorph human body types <sub><sup>

Physically the three-body frame of a person can be categorized as:

  • Ectomorphs are predominantly people with small body frames. 
  • Mesomorphs are predominantly people with medium body frames.
  • Endomorphs are predominantly people with large body frames.

Body types should not be the worry factor for you if you feel that your frame does not suit you. Body types are changeable with the number of personal trainers, health coaches & dieticians available today. They have the tools to guide you in changing your frame with the right types of exercises & strict diet control. Body types are sure to change with the right guidance, activity & altered lifestyle. You’ll get better training results knowing your body type.

What is your body type? Explained by Michael J White

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