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Lewis Harrison

Lewis Harrison

Lewis Harrison

The Extraordinary Physique of Lewis Harrison.

He’s a fitness trainer, he is followed by close to 1 million people on social media, he is a clothing model for activewear brands like GymKing Performance and the creator of the multi-functional lifestyle brand Lab3l creating premium apparel.

Joss has a unique holistic approach to reach your goals and improve your life. With his own physique and results in the gym, Joss is a go to fitness trainer than will inspire and support you reaching the level of fitness and physique you’re looking for.

The testimonials speaks for themselves, Joss is not only a high level achiever on his own, Joss is an extraordinary influencer, fitness trainer and coach helping other people with personalised programs, combined Joss fully deserve the FitnessLife Kings Physique Award: “EXTRAORDINARY MEN’s PHYSIQUE 2021”.

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