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Meet Chuando Tan

Meet Chuando Tan

Exercise, Nutrition & Mental Peace are the Secrets to Extraordinary Looks

What if you had the looks of a 20-year-old when your biological age is in your 50s? Sounds like a dream for most of us. Meet the man who is living this dream. The lucky guy is Chuando Tan Reveal. Born in 1967 this photographer from Singapore has the looks of a 20-year-old. People often speculate the reason behind his good looks. They feel that staying in Singapore gives him an advantage as he gets access to good medicine, clean air, and premium products.

Protein-Rich Diet

Chuando believes that a healthy diet is the foundation of good looks. His breakfast consists of six hard-boiled eggs. The yolks are limited to two to avoid cholesterol problems. The breakfast is accompanied by a glass of milk. Avocado and berries become part of the breakfast occasionally. Chicken with rice, grilled vegetables, fish soup are the other items that become part of his daily meal.

He avoids coffee, tea, and alcohol. He also avoids smoking. Chuando loves ice creams and indulges in them occasionally.

Regular Exercise

Chuando is particular about his exercise schedule. He spends an hour in the evening swimming every day. He goes to the gym four times or at least three times every week. His gym routine consists of strength training followed by cardio training. A knee injury prevents him from walking. He makes up for it by pacing fast on a treadmill.


Some people speculate about Chuando going for plastic surgeries. But Chuando admits to trying a Botox procedure only once. This was a gift that he didn’t enjoy. He has avoided cosmetologists after his Botox experiment.

Chaundo admits to having sensitive skin which prevents him from experimenting with too many cosmetics. He sticks to a daily routine of moisturizing cream and gel face wash. His only cosmetic is a hair dye which he uses to color his gray hair.

Daily Routine

Chaundo is a strict believer in the early to bed early to rise routine. He avoids sleeping late. He goes to be before 11 pm. He is an early riser. To improve his sleep quality he avoids consuming food around 5-6 hours before bedtime. To safeguard his health Chuando avoids working or watching movies late at night. He believes that getting up early allows a person to get more things done during the day. He avoids a late bath.

Mental Peace

Chaundo knows the importance of enjoying his profession. He tried modeling in the 80s. In the 90s he tried to turn into a pop singer. He finally settled with photography. He enjoys taking photos, setting up photoshoots, and working with people. The fact that he enjoys his work keeps him in a good mood. This contributes to his health.

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