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Frank Medrano, King of Bodyweight Training

Frank Medrano, King of Bodyweight Training

Meet Frank Medrano King of Calisthenics

The Master of Calisthenics Workouts & Body Control.

Having one of greatest physique in modern time, Frank started his journey just like most people, he used to live for a party, he had terrible eating and living habits, and was unsure of where to begin while spinning around in self-destructive habits. Now to holding the titles of YouTube Celebrity Star due to his extraordinary aesthetics, Calisthenics Expert and Personal Trainer. Quoted from the man of an extraordinary physique, it all starts at one.

“It All Starts At One” – Fran Medradon

Courtesy of Frank Medrano

130 Million Views & Counting

With more than 130 million views on just a handful of his videos, Frank Medrano’s physique and results from Bodyweight training shows that Calisthenics & Bodyweight exercises not only makes you fit, but gives you the aesthetics and agility that attracts eyeballs and awe.

Besides taking the crowded space of fitness with storm reaching hundreds of millions of views and millions of followers, Frank has inspired and helped thousands of people to reach their fitness goals and achieve their dream physique , including the mind control that follows the lifestyle of Calisthenics. Learn more about Frank here

Calisthenics, The Growing Movement of Fitness

Since the American educator and author Catharine Esther Beecher popularised the conservative ideological movement in the 1800’s to elevate and entrench Women’s place in society, she introduced Calisthenics in a course of physical education. It has expanded to become an international art of fitness and aesthetic physiques around the world.

The discipline is now considered as a professional sport where the masters of street workouts are professional athletes under the roof of “WCO” The World Calisthenics Organization based in Los Angeles and “WSWCF” The World Street Workout & Calisthenics Federation based in Riga arranging various championships and competitions.

The sports has become so popular with a growing number outdoor fitness facilities in most cities, and dedicated Calisthenics Parks around the world.

Superhuman Bodyweight Workout Domination

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