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Shoulder Workouts

Shoulder Workouts

Shoulder Workouts

3 Of The Most Effective Shoulder Workouts

Body language experts look at your shoulders first to learn what is going through your mind. Drooping shoulders mean that you are having a bad day and not in the mood to socialize. At the same time, some people have default drooping shoulders and that doesn’t go along for succeeding in situations and in life. 

From a very young age itself, parents and teachers stress the importance of a straight posture with chin high and shoulders back. Instead of consciously attaining this posture it should become our very nature. That is achieved through proper workouts. 

Virility and strength are conveyed through wide shoulders even when we analyze from an evolutionary standpoint. If you have wide shoulders, the hips will naturally look narrow. This combination creates a ‘V’ shaped torso, the most appealing attribute in men. 

Is it Possible to Grow Wide Shoulders?

Genetics determine our bone structure and it can’t be changed. Bone structure is responsible for the width of collarbones which plays a prominent role in shoulder width. At the same time, we can develop the muscles on our shoulders and back to enlarge the total appearance of the upper torso. This process doesn’t alter the bone structure but works on the exterior muscles to build new ones and make them strong and large. 

1. Upright Row Using Dumbbells and Barbells. 

The use of different grips to pull serves the whole mass with multi-joint movement with a focus on the shoulder muscles. When you train under an expert, you will see this movement bring in visible changes. Once you have learned the basic technique, this can be continued in your home gym. With the right equipment, this particular training will do wonders for your shoulders and upper body. 

2. Dumbbells: The Front to Lateral Raise

Beginners can start with dumbbells that are light. The process begins by holding a dumbbell each in both hands. Slowly lift both the hands together till the shoulder level. It is natural to have a small bend in the elbows while lifting your hands. Now the hands should be brought back to the initial position. Follow up with raising the hands sideways up to shoulder level and bringing them down with slightly bent elbows. This exercise also provides you with stable shoulders.  

3. The Arnold Press

Before starting the highly effective Arnold press, you should learn the classic military press. The Arnold press gives more workouts to the rear, lateral, and front heads of the deltoid to build strong shoulders. This movement needs to be practiced only once a week or less. At the same time, you should realize that the movement is very specialized and not very easy to master. The Arnold press is the best motion to increase the strength and size of your shoulders.  

Why Shoulder Training is Different from Other Parts?

Among the muscle groups of our body, the shoulders play a major role in all our daily functions. This means that shoulder training calls for delicacy to some extent with attention to detail. 

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