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SikSilk – Discovering SikSilk’s Sustainability

SikSilk – Discovering SikSilk’s Sustainability

Aim & Sustainability.

SikSilk is a British-born, rapidly expanding global fashion brand, and as a business, they are aware of the ever-increasing environmental and social impact of the fashion industry. At SikSilk, they seem to be committed to creating a more sustainable future for the people and planet by focussing on developing a better understanding of the impact while conducting responsible business activities and planning to improve the brand’s performance.

Ethical Supplier & Commitment

Every product that you purchase from the SikSilk range of clothes and accessories goes through multiple checks. The makers are careful to ensure that they produce clothes with the lowest environmental toxicity and are as recyclable and eco-friendly as possible.

These values are also reflected in their supply chain management. They are ardently dedicated to making the distribution chain as amiable to nature as possible. They have tried their best to incorporate sound ethics in every aspect of manufacturing, and that can obviously be estimated from the kind of materials and processes. Their methods to produce elegant designer clothing for your wardrobe are highlighted due to the strong inclination towards sustainability and building a meaningful world and future for everyone.

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