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SikSilk – Discovering The Dani Alves Collection

SikSilk – Discovering The Dani Alves Collection

Dani Alves x SikSilk

If there were three colors that could represent the whole palette of hues that are showcased in the premium collection of SikSilk x Dani Alves, those would be black, white, and gold.

Patterns look ornamental and vintage with a lot of curly and twisty vine-like embroidered patches. The placement of these mini decor fragments is strategic too. Trousers, both short and long, have a characteristic feature of side paneled lines in contrasting or blended shades that make the garment and the wearer look taller. Overall, the pieces present a feeling of a hip-high society piece that exudes elegance and appeal with their minimalistic and sophisticated features.

Some pieces look courtly, while others are more sporty, with stripes and shades tending towards the extreme ends of the color scale.

Seasosn Four of Dani Alves x SikSilk

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