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SikSilk – Discovering The Space Jam Collection

SikSilk – Discovering The Space Jam Collection

Space Jam x SikSilk.

Every piece of this collection has had a touch of casualness added to it. You can literally feel it in the puffy sleeves, comfortable fabrics, and loose bottoms. They are airy. Even the ones that are not meant to be loose, like the cargo trousers, look extremely roomy and cozy. There are hues of white, black, and blue. The maker has played with graphic prints – you can find cartoons and other written nothings in various colors like red, blue, or black.

Space Jam a New Legacy x SikSilk

Some of the garments have pinstripes that will get you confused about whether you should wear them to the skateboard tournament or to your corporate brunch. But, trust SikSilk, it works for both. That is what intersectional designs are all about.

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