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SikSilk – Discovering The Steve Aoki Collection

SikSilk – Discovering The Steve Aoki Collection

Steve Aoki x SikIlk.

What happens when a famous American DJ designs his new collection to satiate your fashion taste buds? Well, wonders happen. This idea has produced a fruitful array of clothes that capture the true spirit of casual athleisure.

Season 1 & Season 2

Steve Aoki has already collaborated with SikSilk, a hit; now, the second collection has come to make a bigger hit.

There are hoodies, caps, and sleeveless tank tops for men in the collection – all of them with big geometrical frames in contrasting shades. The space within the frame usually has the SikSilk logo. They have gone wild with the prints, too, for a few items are full of natural prints and are pretty much completely covered in them. But, at the same time, they are not lacking in minimalistic pieces with mono-colored tops and bottoms having nothing but one abstract art or print in small dimensions.

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