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SikSilk – Loved & Worn by Cool Celebrities

SikSilk – Loved & Worn by Cool Celebrities

Where Sportswear Meets Streetwear.

SikSilk’s history goes way back, back when the three founders of the fast-fashion label went to school together in Scarborough. Barry Gill, Sam Kay, and David Thomson attended Graham School together, and they knew that they wanted to do something significant with their lives. The trio had a passion for streetwear, and by combining their design skills with market understanding, they placed themselves exactly where they needed to be to impact London street fashion.

Of course, luck had a minor role to play as well, but without the years and research the boys put in, SikSilk could well have gone in a very different direction.

SikSilk AW21 Denim

The Early Years and Project 722 

SikSilk is well known today as a brand that’s often worn by celebrities. You can see everyone from Lionel Messi to Cristiano Ronaldo, and even music stars like 50Cent proudly wearing SikSilk’s clothes. But how do three boys from Scarborough grow up to found one of the most successful fast fashion brands in the UK?

Their breakthrough success came when they noticed that specific clothing trends had taken off in the US but hadn’t reached the UK yet. American-inspired apparel, specifically American baseball-inspired apparel, seriously fascinated the three founders. They felt that the clothes had real potential for bringing them success and tried to get that style of apparel to the UK.

SikSilk was ahead of its time when the three founders chose to take the gamble. And the gamble paid off, as in less than a year later, other major fashion labels were picking up on the same American trends as well. So, with a whole year’s head start, SikSilk’s founders took this opportunity to cement their reputation as success stories in the UK.

Staying Ahead of the Fast Fashion Game

Around this time, they found a store called Project 722, where they agreed to stock SikSilk’s products. But, unfortunately, the store would close its doors just a short while later. On the other hand, fortune once again chose to shine down on the three founders of SikSilk when the founder of Project 722 turned out to be none other than Gaz Beadle. Beadle had already been on the MTV show, ‘Geordie Shore,’ for around two years by this time. This made him a recognizable face in the UK.

He was also a lover of fashion. So, feeling genuinely pleased with SikSilk’s products, he chose to wear them out and about proudly. Soon, his celebrity friends joined as well.

Social Media, Celebrities & Influencers

SikSilk’s clothes are worn by celebrities from all across the world. A large part of this success is owed to SikSilk’s use of social media to build enduring relationships with customers. SilSilk also received great help from Beadle and his friends. After watching a celebrity wear their clothes, other celebrities and fashion enthusiasts alike chose to buy from SikSilk as well.

This turned out to be the breakthrough the brand needed to build an enduring foundation for itself. After signing to the UV6 agency and meeting Fashion Design Solutions from Brighton, SikSilk has expanded worldwide. Today, they are loved in the USA, Spain, South America, Australia, and the UK.

SikSilk SS21

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