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Soccer Boots

Soccer Boots

Types Of Soccer Boots & How To Choose The Right?

Types Of Soccer Boots & How To Choose The Right?

Soccer is a game where you can’t afford to have the wrong shoes. Everything you do in soccer is dependent on your feet, so having the right kind of shoes for your needs is crucial.

Soccer boots are commonly known as cleats. The most important factor that differentiates the different types of soccer cleats are the soles. Different types of soles are required for different surfaces. Making sure you have the right kind of soccer boots will prevent injury and ensure that you’re comfortable even through the most exhausting games.

Here is a list of the different types of soccer boots and what they’re used for, so you can choose what is right for you.

FG Boots

FG or Firm Ground Boots are ideal for beginners and young players. They offer maximum grip and comfort on natural grass pitches. These boot offer a lot of control and traction on almost all surfaces and playing conditions. These type of boots are the most popular of all the soccer cleats in the world.

SG Boots

SG Boots are also known as Soft Ground Boots. These cleats are perfect for wet and muddy conditions. They are also known as replaceable cleats because the studs at the bottom of these shoes can be popped of and replaced easily. This means that players can chose the type and number of studs they would like to wear and tailor them to the conditions on the field.

AG/HG/MG Boots

Artificial Ground, Hard Ground, or Multi Ground are all names for the type of soccer boots that were created for artificial ground, or rock hard sun baked ground. They have short studs that are evenly distributed and are growing in popularity with the increase in artificial grounds being developed for soccer.

Astroturf or Turf Boots

Best for water or sand based pitches, the Astroturf or Turf Shoes have a rubber based sole with raised bumps instead of studs. They have more cushioning than the other kinds of soccer boots, and they’re great training shoes because of the support that they offer.

Indoor Boots

Indoor soccer cleats look a lot like regular sneakers, except that they are narrower and offer more contact with the ball. The indoor soccer boots are made of rubber that will not leave marks, and designed to be used for indoor games in gyms or on artificial turf. The soles are flat, but they do have grooves for improved comfort.

Choosing the right soccer boots for you will depend on the kind of surface you’re playing on. But regardless of the shoes you pick, make sure that they fit well. They should be snug without being too tight so you can play without injury.

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