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Stevia Explained

Stevia Explained

What is Stevia and how does Stevia affect your body, health and fitness?

What is Stevia and how does Stevia affect your body, health and fitness?

Stevia is a natural sugar substitute. People suffering from high sugar levels generally avoid adding sugar to food. They look for sugar substitutes. There are many sugar substitutes in the market but most of them have chemical ingredients. Those who look for natural products can use Stevia for their needs. Stevia rebaudiana is a plant that belongs to the chrysanthemum plant family, also know as the “candyleaf”.

The main ingredient of Stevia is an extract known as rebaudioside A. It is referred to as Reb A. This substance is two hundred times sweeter than sugar and is thus preferred to make sugar substitute products. Stevia can be used in its natural plant form or by buying products in the market that contain Reb-A.

How Stevia affects your body & fitness?

Stevia is sweet and has no calories. This is the biggest benefit of using Stevia. It does not contribute to weight gain. While sugar is high on calories, Stevia is an ideal product for those who want to lose weight. A study carried out showed that Stevia helped to reduce glucose levels. Another key benefit of Stevia is that it makes a person feel full.

As a result, it helps in reducing appetite. This leads to a person eating less. This can help in the weight loss process. Another study showed that the powder of stevia leaf can be very helpful in managing cholesterol levels. It helped reduce bad cholesterol, increase good cholesterol, and also triglycerides.

Some studies have shown that Stevia helps to fight cancer, as well as prevent it. Stevia is believed to promote the death of cancer cells. It was proved to be useful in managing leukemia, breast cancer, lung cancer, and stomach cancer. 

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Safety of Stevia

Whenever you take any new product, it is natural that you are concerned about its safety. Let’s look at safety issues related to Stevia.

  • FDA has confirmed that Stevia is generally safe to use. It must be noted that the leaf of the Stevia plant is not approved for use. It is products containing Stevia, i.e: Reb-A that has been approved for use. 
  • Consuming the leaf of Stevia creates the risk of low blood pressure and may even affect the kidneys and the reproductive system.
  • Stevia can be consumed by people who have diabetes. It is generally safe for them to use. However, it must be noted that products that contain maltodextrin or dextrose can be problematic for diabetes patients.
  • Those who want to lose weight should use product without maltrodextrin or dextrose. 
  • Stevia products that have sugar alcohols in them can lead to indigestion. 

To sum up, Stevia is a safe product and can help reduce blood sugar and lead to reduced calories. 

Stevia Explained with Thomas DeLauer

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