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Tennis Shoes

Tennis Shoes

The Best Tennis Shoe For Every Foot Type

Types Of Tennis Shoes & How To Choose?

If you love playing tennis, you would want to do that in style and comfort. As you prepare to pack a punch with those beautiful volleys and well-placed serves, flexibility becomes the defining factor to success. And to achieve this, you need a super-strong grip on the ground, which only the right pair of tennis shoes can give you. 

The distinction Between Tennis Shoes & Running Shoes 

Tennis shoes are slightly heavier in built compared to running shoes, which makes them adept at handling lateral movements on the court. With a host of them available nowadays, selection could be confusing. 

Let us look at the most common types of tennis shoes available for men:

1.Hard Court Tennis Shoes 

2.Clay Court Tennis Shoes 

3.Grass Court Tennis Shoes

4.Synthetic Tennis Shoes

5.Hypercourt Tennis Shoes

6.Air Vapor Tennis Shoes 

When choosing the right pair for yourself, you must focus on three very important things, your playing style, your foot type, and the surface you are playing on. 

Lightfooted Sprinter

If you are a light-footed player, you do not need much ankle and heel support. You can opt for lightweight tennis shoes designed to accentuate speed on the court like Babolat Jet Mach II or ASICS Solution Speed FF. These are made from synthetic fibers. 

Hard-hitting Baseliner

If you are a hard-hitting baseliner, you need more ankle support. Choose shoes with hard soles. They help in shock absorption and provide superior cushioning. 

Shoes for Different Court Types

Hard Court 

If you are playing on hard surfaces, then outsole durability is most important. Buy shoes with partial herringbone-patterned outsoles. These are designed to encourage better grip, shock absorption, and cushioning. 

Clay Court

To keep clay out of your outsoles, you need shoes with full herringbone patterns. They provide stronger grip and control since clay courts tend to be slippery. The one like Adidas Adizero Ubersonic 4 Clay could be a great option in this case. 

Grass Court

Not a very common surface to play on. But in case you are playing on one, you need a customized shoe. Grass courts can very often turn slippery. So the shoes are designed with ‘nubs’ or ‘pimples’ in their outsoles to encourage solid grip. 

Foot Shape

The anatomy of your feet is also a major determinant when it comes to selecting shoes. If you have wider feet something like KSwiss Hypercourt Express 2 with outstanding traction and durability could be your pick. But if you have narrower feet, then a NikeCourt Air Zoom Vapor X could work wonders. 

So to protect your precious feet and deliver your best performance on the court choose the right tennis shoes.

The Best Tennis Shoe For Every Foot Type?

Courtesy of Foot Doctor Zach

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