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Thanos – Kim Min Su

Thanos – Kim Min Su

Kim Min Su

The Extraordinary Physique of Kim Min Su

The IFBB Pro Kim Min Su from Korea, is making attention around the world with attendance in Men’s Physique competitions and mr. Olympia. The physique of Mr. Kim Min Su is quite noticeable, not only on stage at muscle packed competitions and with his shirt off, but this Korean professional make his clothing outfits reveal that a fitness monster is hidden inside.

From taking the IFBB stages withe awe, Kim Min Su’s physique is extraordinary to the point of human sculpturing, showing that hard work in the gym, mental strength and goals can give you extraordinary results on stage, in life and take you to the podium of advertising photoshoots. Kim Min Su easily takes a spot of the 2021 awards of Fitness Kings, and fully deserve the FitnessLife Kings Physique Award: EXTRAORDINARY MEN’s PHYSIQUE 2021

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