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The Body Type Mesomorph Explained

The Body Type Mesomorph Explained

Mens Training: The Body Type Mesomorph Explained? Understand The Mesomorph Physique, How to Train & Eat

Understand The Mesomorph Physique, How to Train and Eat

The Perfect Diet Plan & Workouts for the Mesomorph Physique

Despite hitting the gym religiously your body might not be showing the expected results. Even maintaining a balanced diet along with vigorous workouts has become a waste of time & energy. The expected outcome of achieving that sculptured body with toned-up muscles including weight loss looks impossible. 

It’s time you took the guidance of a fitness trainer who knows the types of exercise & diet plans that will work on your body. Without guidance, we sometimes tend to eat & do workouts not meant for our type of body with no results. Therefore it is essential to take the help of a professional who understands your type of body & guides you with the correct diet plan & workouts in achieving the desired fitness goal.

Defining the Body Type

William Sheldon in 1940 introduced three different categories of human physique differing from the physical elements present in a human body referred to as Somatotype. The three body types were identified as Ectomorph, Mesomorph, & Endomorph. But it was also found that usually, most people are a mix of two body types with one type being more dominant than the other. 

  • Ectomorphs typically are tall people with lean-shaped bodies found to never have weight & muscles in excess. 
  • Endomorphs generally are fat people with a curvy figure who tend to put on weight & muscles easily. 
  • Mesomorphs normally are muscular people with a well-defined bone structure, strong shoulders, a slender waist & well-toned muscles without body fats.

The current discussion is on a specific body type, the pros & cons of the mesomorph body type. 

Explaining the Mesomorph body type

The mesomorph body type is the best of the three as they are naturally strong people with a low-fat body frame favoring bodybuilding. The mesomorph body type people are genetically superior which helps them build muscles at a faster rate when compared to others. Similarly, their body is prone to weight gain therefore a well-focused diet plan with workouts is essential for a lean physique. Mesomorphs find it easier to convert their body as desired, whether it’s putting on muscles or staying fit & trim. Muscle building is easy for them since they are genetically inclined while staying fit & trim can be ensured with proper diet & cardio workouts.

Diet plan for a Mesomorph 

Depending on the fitness goal a mesomorph can decide on the type of diet to lead. A proper healthy & balanced diet is important as they tend to put on weight easily. Also, it is noted that the daily calorie intake of the mesomorphs is much higher when compared with other body types. Therefore reduction in portion quantity thus reducing calorie intake is recommended to those people who are over-weight. However, mesomorphs looking to build up their bodies should increase their calorie intake with healthy food. High protein diets are considered the most effective intake for a mesomorph in building muscles faster.

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Each normal healthy diet meal for a mesomorph should contain:

  • One-third of proteins (eggs, milk products, chicken)
  • One-third of vegetables or fruits (fibrous fruits/vegetables)
  • One-third of whole-grain carbohydrates (Pulses etc. – healthy fats)

Best work-out for a Mesomorph

Even though the mesomorphs are structurally muscular cardio exercises along with weight training should be a part of their workout routine. A mesomorph looking to lose weight should do cardio exercises daily & if possible couple it with high-intensity interval training (HIIT) for best results. Walking or any low-intensity cardio workouts will take care of those people whose health & fitness levels are low. 

Mesomorphs respond to weight training faster & gain muscles easily due to their genetics. So it’s a boon to those mesomorphs who plan to beef up their muscles or in becoming bodybuilders. 

Pumping iron with moderate to heavy weights is important when building muscle but at the same time body should be given that adequate rest for it to recover from the daily grind.

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