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Victor Pérez

Victor Pérez

FitnessKing- Victor Pérez @victorperexx - SikSilk Performance - Fitness Model

FitnessLife Kings – Physique of the Day

Victor Pérez is a personal trainer and a fitness coach completely focused on helping you feel good about your body and your mind. From his personal experience Victor knows what a healthy lifestyle is all about, and is an experienced Go-To fitness coach for you to learn more about healthy nutrition, workouts and effective training to change your life and physique.

“Do it Today, Do it Now, The Best Time is Now! – Victor Pérez

With years of hard work in the gym, his personal trainer experience, the fitness coaching business Fitness Victor and his extraordinary physique, Victor is not only motivating more than his 82,000 fans with his inspiring photo-wall and results of what dedicated focus and a healthy lifestyle will lead to, hi is helping his clients with the necessary motivation and “how to” guidance to achieve ones fitness goals.

Victor Pérez – Physique of the Day Award

The inspiring instagram wall of Victor and his other social media accounts, his natural fitness look, insights of how proper nutrition and hard work helps many others to achieve their goals, brings Victor an easy victory of todays FitnessKing, a well deserved award of being “Physique of The Day” July 26th, 2022.

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