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Weight Control

Weight Control

Food, The Fat Loss & Muscle Growth Secret

Weight Management – Why The Best Exercise Happens On Your Plate.

If you were trying to keep your weight under control, you would have tried out various types of exercises. While exercise is very helpful in burning calories, it is equally important to reduce the calories you consume. It’s a simple equation, you will lose weight only if the calories you consume is lesser than the calories you burn. This is what makes diet important. The best exercise thus happens on your plate. It is what you eat that determines how much weight you lose.

Importance of Proper Diet

Ensuring energy balance is the key to weight loss, which means we need to consume fewer calories than we burn. If you want to lose one pound of weight, you need to burn 3,500 calories. It is obvious that you cannot burn 3,500 calories only through exercise. One hour of rigorous workout in a gym can help you lose around 600 calories. This is a level of exercise not everyone can hope to replicate. So, what then is the solution? You need to combine diet with exercise. Dieting helps you lose a lot of calories, which can contribute to your weight management effort in a big way.

The 80:20 Ratio

There is a simple formula to help you in your weight control effort. It involves 80% diet and 20% exercise. What does this mean? Let us take the above example. If you need to lose 3,500 calories, then you need to lose 80% of it through diet. So, you will need to burn 750 calories and the balance calories need to burnt through diet.

Let’s assume you want to lose one pound weight in a week. This mean, you need to lose 750 calories in a week. Three days of exercise where you lose 250 calories per day should be sufficient. You need to lose the balance through diet. This means you need to cut down around 600 calories per day from your daily consumption.

You must know that 80:20 is not a strict and scientific rule. It is a general guideline to follow. You need not follow the exact numbers and can approximate it. So, you can even target 1,000 calorie loss per week weight loss through exercise and 2,000 calorie reduction in your diet. 

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It is easier to achieve weight loss with more focus on diet. If you want to lose one pound a week only through exercise, then you need to run around 10 miles a day every day. This may not be feasible. This is the reason, reducing calorie consumption is as important as exercise.

The Perfect Diet

While reducing calories, you need to ensure your body gets all the nutrients it needs. Many people make the mistake of following a diet that starves the body of nutrients. This can make you end up becoming weak. Your food plate should have:

  • Half of the plate should have fruits and vegetables.
  • Quarter plate should have whole grains.
  • Quarter plate should be proteins.

Avoid potatoes, sugary drinks, processed foods, and use plant oil to ensure your calorie loss happens as planned.

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