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Zero Calorie Soda Explained

Zero Calorie Soda Explained

Zero Calorie Beverages ?

How does Zero Calorie Beverages Affect Your Body & Fitness?

Soda and other beverages are generally shunned by those who are fitness conscious. The reason is the high sugar content in these drinks. To cater to those who don’t like sugary beverages, companies came out with the concept of zero calorie beverages. The companies claim that these beverages do not have sugar content and have virtually zero calories, making them to safe to drink.

What are ‘Zero calorie’ drinks?

Whatever is your preferred beverage brand, you will find that they have a ‘lite’ or ‘diet’ version. This version has no sugar and has zero calories. This seemingly makes it safe to consume. Those who are trying to lose weight can consume these drinks safely since they add no calories. This attractive concept has led to such zero calorie drinks becoming very popular.

What do these drinks contain?

You may have a question about how these drinks are made. Most such drinks are a combination of carbonated water with artificial sweeteners, flavors, and even colors. The combination makes this drink tasty. The absence of sugar ensures it has no calories. While the ingredients would vary from one product to another, the common ingredients of these drinks include:

  1. Sweeteners: Most products use artificial sweeteners like aspartame or saccharin. Some use natural sweeteners like Stevia.
  2. Carbonated water: Carbon dioxide is dissolved in water under pressure to create a fizzy drink.
  3. Acids: A certain tart taste is a prerequisite for most beverages and this is achieved by adding acids.
  4. Colors and flavors: Colors are added to enhance the appearance of the drink. Flavors are added to create the effect of fruit taste in the drink.
  5. Preservatives: Chemical preservative maybe added to increase shelf life.
  6. Caffeine: Some of the diet drinks have caffeine to provide an energy boost.
  7. Minerals and vitamins: Some manufacturers add minerals and vitamins to project the drink as a healthy one.

Are zero calorie drinks beneficial?

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Since zero calorie drinks have no sugar and provide no calories, it is logical to assume they are good to drink. There are some issues to keep in mind w.r.t zero calorie drinks:

  • Artificial sweeteners have been linked to diabetes and heart disease.
  • Carbonated drinks with acids are believed to increase the risk of kidney disease.
  • Childhood obesity is a major problem in today’s world and zero calorie drinks have been linked to childhood obesity if the mother consumed these drinks during pregnancy.
  • Tooth decay is another problem due to the acid content in these drinks.

To conclude, zero calorie drinks are definitely a good option as compared to regular sugary beverages. However, it is better that such drinks be consumed in moderator and not very frequently. It is better to choose drinks with no artificial sweeteners and preservatives. 

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